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Sexual Assault/Violence Response Advisor

Toronto, ON
$74,503 - $93,128 a year

At George Brown College, we have established a reputation for equipping our students with the skills, industry experience and credentials to pursue the careers of their choice. As employees, we are committed to creating an enriching learning community for our students, delivering excellence in what we do, holding ourselves accountable for our work and demonstrating diversity and respect for one another.

What responsibilities will you have in this role?

LDsports 注册Under the direction of the Director, Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Services this position is responsible for the implementation of the College’s Sexual Assault / Sexual Violence Policy and Protocol (as per Bill 132). The incumbent will consult and coordinate the College’s response to sexual violence with relevant campus and community stakeholders to implement and maintain a College-wide protocol that ensure a consistent, respectful, and supportive survivor-centred approach to disclosures and complaints.

LDsports 注册 The Sexual Assault/Violence Response Advisor is responsible for the continued development of and implementation of College wide initiatives and is to work closely with relevant stakeholders to implement campus-wide anti-violence programming using an intersectional, anti-oppressive framework. The Advisor will respond to individual disclosure of sexual assault and violence with sensitivity and particular attention to the diverse impact of violence on survivors who are racialized, Trans or gender non-conforming, queer, faith-based and/or have disabilities and/or members of other historically marginalized communities. The Advisor implements an operational understanding of human rights law as it intersects with Sexual Violence.

  • Provides information to employees and students to support outreach and community connections.
  • In consultation with the Director, engages the College complaint resolution protocol to investigate alleged incidents when required. The Advisor works with other College employees to respond to informal and formal complaints in a manner consistent with the College’s commitment to the Sexual Assault / Sexual Violence Policy and Protocol.
  • Meets with individuals to record statements and gather other details (i.e. witness statements, evidence, as appropriate). Conducts interviews, collects relevant information in a professional and compassionate manner, including reviewing information from victims, witnesses, and alleged suspects.
  • Initiates recommendations to respond to intake and case management of informal / formal complaints, by employees and students under the direction of the Director, Diverstiy, Equity and Human Rights Services.
  • Provides recommendations and makes referrals for individuals for campus services and external community services when necessary. Involves the appropriate security or law enforcement for situations as required.
  • Navigates the complexity of handling sensitive information while operating in a FIPPA environment aligned with the College’s Risk Management practices.
  • Conducts research, environmental scans, and collects best practices in creating and revising sexual assault / violence / harassment educational materials, presentations and promotional/informational material that can support the Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Services office (DEHRS) building awareness and education efforts for employees, students and the public.
  • Collaborates with external and internal marketing services to develop and implement a communication campaign to inform all employee groups, students and community members about Sexual Assault / Violence / Harassment.
  • Promotes the College’s values for a respectful and supportive survivor-centred response through communication tools, including the DEHRS website on Sexual Assault / Violence / Harassment.
  • Provides leadership and facilitates the development and/or changes to Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence policies and protocols. Addresses complaint protocol through ongoing reinforcement of policy directives.
  • Develops educational materials and delivers sessions for employees and students to educate and promote the College’s Sexual Assault / Sexual Violence Policy and Protocol.
  • Collects, analyzes and identifies trends and statistics for reporting to College stakeholders and external government agencies.
  • Prepares statistics for reporting to the College and external sources as required by legislation such as Ministry agencies etc.
  • Prepares annual report on the findings and recommendations of the College’s Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence initiatives.
  • Provides support and training to employees and students to promote outreach support and build collaborative community connections.
  • Coordinates the College committee on Sexual Assault / Violence / Harassment. Responsible for coordinating and developing activities to sustain a coordinated approach to survivor-centered and offender-focused services.
  • Other related duties as assigned.

What qualifications do you need for this role?

  • Master’s Degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in relevant field (Counselling, Social Work, Policy, Gender Studies, Adult Education).
  • Minimum five year’s working experience at an intermediate competency level responding to, and including the handling of sensitive sexual assault/violence situations and investigation with familiarity of a wide range of community support services. Experience in a college, university, community or agency is preferred.
  • Experience providing advice and/or counselling survivorsoffenders, of Human Rights, Sexual assault/violence matters.
  • Experience providing counselling for survivors of sexual assault/violence, with advanced knowledge and skill in trauma informed practices.
  • Demonstrated experience implementing anti-violence programming, using an intersectional, anti-oppressive framework, including policy development, training and communication plans is required.
  • Requires knowledge of Canadian Criminal and Tort law and regulations, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, FIPPA, Human Rights, Health & Safety, and other governing legislations and regulations.
  • Experience in full-cycle case management, providing advice to survivors/complainants and respondents of Human Rights, Sexual assault/violence matters.
  • Advanced negotiation skills; experience conducting investigation with administrators; ability to maintain confidentiality and deal with situations with tact and exhibit good judgment.
  • Ability to understand and interpret policy and protocol; familiarity with relevant legislation, trends and best practices related to diversity, equity, human rights.
  • Advanced counselling, mediation, conflict resolution skills; experience conducting investigation with emotionally charged, crisis situations.
  • Experience with procedures in regard to understanding the psychological trauma of sexual assault and the investigative and legal aspect.
  • Excellent communication skills and written reporting skills to record sensitive and volatile situations, de-escalation techniques, advocacy and conflict resolution skills.
  • Experience managing or responding to crisis intervention for sexual assaults/violence.
  • Experience conducting training or presenting on the subject of sexual violence, human rights to diverse audiences.
  • Proficient MS Office Suite and database.
  • Demonstrated leadership in delivering excellent service to others as this is key in supporting the success of our students and our College.
  • Strong collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Effective ability to interact with others and deal with situations in ways that respect diverse backgrounds, experience and styles.
  • Flexibility in adapting to change and in participating in consultative decision-making processes.


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  • Please ensure your resume highlights all relevant education, training and experience that are applicable to the minimum qualifications for this role.
  • The College requires proof of degrees, credentials or equivalencies from accredited regional or federal post-secondary institutions and/or their international equivalents. Credentials may require validation at the time of interviews.

Closing: Open until filled.